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ACTIVITIES 2017 - Page 1
Visit by Sapura Secured Technologies
17th July 2017

14th August 2017

Official visit by Centre for Electromagnetic & Lightning Protection (CELP), UPM
25th July 2017

Wireless and Radio Science Center (WARAS) received an official visit by Centre for Electromagnetic & Lightning Protection (CELP), University Putra Malaysia
Ionosphere Disturbance before Large Earthquake and Problems of Ionosphere Measurement by Tiny Satellite by Prof. Dr. Koichiro Oyama.
This is followed by a visit to ANGKASA facility.
21 August 2017

Visit to Institut Komunikasi dan Elektronik Tentera Darat (IKED) at Kem Perdana Sg Besi. IKED is the training facility for the Army.

WARAS Postgraduate Seminar
26th Jully 2017

Well done to all the presenters. We wish you good luck in what you have planned to do.

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